Simeon Stafford

I take the world, put it into a mixing bowl and see what comes out!

                                                                                                      Simeon Stafford


Simeon has been exhibiting at the gallery since 2002 and has had five solo shows to date:

Britain at Play:  11th May - 11th June 2005

A Day in the Life of Simeon Stafford:  20th September - 6th October 2007

Untitled:  7th - 23rd May 2009

All Aboard:  13th - 29th May 2010

At the Weekend:  17th May - 9th June 2012


Born in Dukinfield in 1956, his artistic career begun at the end of 1970 when he had won the Robert Owen Schools award for art and the Manchester Evening News Portrait Award.  Simeon studied art at Hyde College between 1972-3 under Christine Kendall (the art historian Richard Kendall’s wife) and by 1974 he had begun exhibiting his work. His move to Cornwall in 1996 made him compare the northern artists he admired with those of Cornwall.  His work is in numerous private collections.



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