Claire Ireland

I produce hand built sculptural forms on different scales. I revel in how ideas can develop out of the process of experimenting with materials and techniques. I make extraordinary beasts and will often create a series of small sculptural forms that serve as working maquettes. My desire is to find the essence of my subject.

 Claire Ireland


Exhibiting with the gallery since 2015,  Claire obtained a degree in ceramics at Camberwell School of Art between 1979-81 & also gained a commendation in printmaking. She was elected to both the Society of Designer Craftsmen & Craft Potters Association in 1999 and in 2012 became President of Arts Richmond. Recent commissions include a Pocahontas Commemorative Plaque in 2017 with Hounslow Council, in Syon Park Estate to mark the 400th anniversary of her death.



Joy Bosworth, Ceramics with Mixed Media, A&C Black, 2006.

Joy Bosworth, Ceramic Jewellery, A&C Black, 2010.